Gulf of Maine Ventures is building a resilient, 21st-century marine economy by supporting and investing in high-impact companies.

We bridge the gap between innovative, blue economy businesses and the capital, technical knowledge, and networks needed to help them grow.

Students sit at a table with a poster and cards on it.
Students sit at a table with a poster and cards on it.


Gulf of Maine Ventures is the entrepreneurship and innovation arm of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute based in Portland, Maine.


We catalyze solutions to global ocean challenges by supporting climate and ocean-economy companies from ideation all the way to investment.


We support companies by providing them access to the technical and business advisory services, market insights, and the resources needed to scale.

The Gulf of Maine features a robust mix of marine industries, breakthrough scientific research, academic and nonprofit institutions, and a historical and cultural dependence on the ocean as a way of life. As global attention turns to emerging opportunities in the blue economy, we are poised to play a central role.”

Blaines Grimes

Chief Ventures Officer

The combination of business support and sector expertise of the Gulf of Maine Ventures team is essential for TrueFin as we navigate the strategy and details of developing and growing our business.”

Jen Levin

CEO, True Fin

Gulf of Maine Ventures is a critical partner in developing the blue economy in Maine and the region. By supporting innovative startups and entrepreneurs, they are growing the ocean startup ecosystem and enabling more businesses to innovate in the face of climate change.”

Brady Bohrmann

Managing General Partner