Supporting innovative startups

We work with companies that are finding innovative ways to optimize the seafood supply chain and address the impact of climate change on our ocean economy, while also demonstrating the potential to scale and generate big impact.

Focus Areas


Solutions that enable the production, traceability, and marketing of fish, kelp, shellfish, and under-utilized species.

Climate Change

Technologies offering solutions in the areas of ocean-related carbon reduction, sequestration, adaptation, and mitigation.

Ocean Data

Hardware and software innovations that improve operations, forecasting, and decision-making for ocean-based users.

Sustainable Oceans

Solutions that monitor water quality, improve ecosystem health, and protect coastal access and infrastructure.

Ocean Energy & Shipping

Software, data, monitoring, analysis, and services related to the implementation of renewable energy sources in the region.

Other Ocean Products

Products and technologies sustainably derived from ocean resources with broader applications.

Q&A session at an event hosted at GMRI

Programs & Events

From helping companies reach their next milestones to hosting industry experts to share insights, we offer programming and events designed to address the specific needs of startups and stakeholders in the blue economy.

Looking for facilities and other resources?

Looking for facilities and other resources?

Our blue economy resource map helps startups find and connect with the R&D facilities or subject matter experts in the Gulf of Maine to jumpstart their next phase of growth.